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In order to use the RIDELIVE application in its full capacity you will need a Smart Trainer. A Smart Trainer is an apparatus to which you mount your bike and run it with simulated resistance. What makes a trainer “smart” is its ability to set resistance intelligently by simulating real cycling conditions.  Also smart trainers typically provide feedback in the form of cycling metrics (e.g. speed, cadence, power). The Trainer should be able to connect to the device on which RIDELIVE is running via bluetooth and the protocol should be compatible with RIDELIVE. Trainers that support Bluetooth FTMS specifications are compatible. Some trainers that don’t support FTMS are also compatible – e.g. some Wahoo, Saris and Tacx models. If your smart trainer is not FTMS compatible or somehow does not work with RIDELIVE please contact our support team.

Here is a good resource to read about the technical features and capabilities of trainers – DC Rainmaker.


If you have a regular trainer (one that cannot simulate real riding conditions and resistance set simply in trainer controls manually), you can still use it with the RIDELIVE. In this case RIDELIVE will not control the trainer resistance automatically by sending grade information to the trainer, but will use your speed instead to advance the video. Speed data can be provided by the trainer, a separate speed sensor or a power meter. Any standard bluetooth speed sensor and power meter will work in this case.


Currently RIDELIVE can only be run on iOS device (e.g. iPhone or iPad). We support devices that have iOS 13 or newer. While riding, we recommend having your iOS device connected to power or have enough battery to complete the ride.


Most RIDELIVE users prefer to have the video feed from their iOS device mirrored onto a bigger screen such as TV or large monitor mounted in front of them. This way the user can fully immerse themselves in the surrounding setting! This connection can be done via cable or via AirPlay (screen mirroring mode). Note that if you have a wide-screen TV, the screen mirroring feature works better using an iPhone due to the screen aspect ratio.  An iPad can be mirrored as well but the aspect ratio is not optimal.


Once you have all the required equipment, follow the below simple steps to start using RIDELIVE.

  1. Install RIDELIVE on your iOS device
  2. Subscribe via the in-app store (first 7 days are FREE! Cancel if you’re not happy with it – no charge!)
  3. Settings: make sure all your personal settings (weight, age, bike weight, FTP) have been updated
  4. Connect Smart Trainer via bluetooth on main screen
  5. Optional Connections: connect other sensors: Heart Rate, Cadence, Speed, Power Meter on main screen
  6. Begin pedalling and make sure all the connected sensors are green 
  7. Select desired ride (route), either on Main Page (Recently Added) or in Rides
  8. Tap the RIDE NOW button to go to video screen
  9. Optionally: slide on the profile left/right to use a starting point other than a clip beginning
  10. Tap START to start

Enjoy your ride and thank you for choosing RIDELIVE!

Apple App Store to download the app to your iOS device