Please use the FAQ below to answer your support question. If you can’t find an answer to your question, please send us your question by taping the “?” in bottom-right corner.


Q: How to connect a trainer (or other sensor) to the RIDELIVE App?
A: On the Main Screen, tap on the bluetooth device you want to connect (Trainer, for example). Make sure it is not connected to any other computer, smartphone or tablet (some bluetooth accessories can only be connected to one device at a time). The application will show a pop-up window with a list of visible devices of selected type. Tap the desired device and wait until the application has connected to the device. After connecting the device box will turn green. Next time you use the app, the previously connected devices will connect automatically.

Q: How to post a ride to Strava?
A: On the Settings page, scroll down to the section “Export to Strava” and tap “Sign-in”.  You will be redirected to a web browser and asked to sign in to the Strava website. Once signed in, Strava will explain what type of data RIDELIVE app will have access to and why. Make sure all boxes are checked and tap the Authorize button. You will be redirected back to RIDELIVE and the Settings page will indicate that you are now signed in to Strava and able to post your rides. You can post a ride at the end of the ride, or any time from the history page. You can opt not to upload files to Strava by signing out on the Settings page. From time to time the sign-in token will expire and you will need to re-authenticate on Strava.

Q: My smart trainer for some reason does not work with RIDELIVE
A: RIDELIVE currently supports smart trainers that implement FTMS protocol as well as several trainer models that use their own protocols (such as some models from Wahoo, Saris, Tacx brands). If your smart trainer is not FTMS-compatible and we don’t support that particular model, we are willing to work with you individually to do our best to get your model supported. Please contact our support (tap question mark on this page at the bottom right corner) and describe your case in details. While we work on this, you may use RIDELIVE with your trainer without dynamic resistance control, but with all other features (you may want to set resistance in your trainer to some static value during the ride – so you won’t be “spinning the air”).