Send Us Your Videos

Thanks for joining RideLive and sharing your cycling videos with the global RideLive community.

Our goal is to provide the global RideLive community with the best quality and most realistic riding experience possible.

Because our mission is to ensure the highest standard of quality, Contributors cannot upload rides directly.  We will need you to send us the video (.mov) files and the accompanying TCX (.tcx) or GPX (.gpx) files.  Our product development team will then work to process and test the ride video and data to ensure it meets RideLive’s standards. Our preference is for rides of between one and three hours.

We will only upload to our App videos that meet certain criteria.  Below are some of the key things to keep in mind when recording and uploading your rides.

Recommended camera hardware.  We will only accept rides that use the following:

  • GoPro 10-12 (preferred)
  • GoPro 8 – 9

To ensure you capture your entire ride or ride segment, use at least 128GB memory card.

Recommended camera settings:
  • Camera Mode: Video
  • Resolution: 4K (we may accept 1080p in certain circumstances)
  • FPS: 60
  • Lens: Linear (preferred) or Wide
  • Hypersmooth: ON
  • Audio: OFF
  • Protune: ON (do not adjust – there should be an option to simply turn it on or off).
  • GPS: OFF
Recommendation on filming

The most common issue we experience with uploaded videos is when wheels or handlebars are in the frame.  Try to avoid this as we will only upload videos that do not have objects in the rider’s field of view. Make sure camera mounted firm and you don’t sway handlebar left and right (especially on tough climbs). Here are ideal and not ideal camera positioning examples:


Ideal positioning

Not so good

Camera points too high
Camera points too high
Camera points too low
Camera points too low
Camera not points ahead
Camera not points ahead
Camera is not aligned
Camera is not aligned
Here is how to get your videos to us:
  1. Place the whole ride – each of the raw video files from the GoPro and the accompanying TCX or GPX file from your bike computer – on Google Drive or Dropbox and send us the link; and
  2. Email Рplease include:
  • The relevant links to the files
  • Ride description for the ride
  • If the ride contains any edits/stops whilst filming – their time points